About Us

Roger Bade and Brad Ness are trusted names in the local farming community of the Western District and South West of Victoria.
Bade Ness Rural has been established since 2010 and continues to provide the area with a large range of products, services and advice.

The customer at the centre of everything they do

Everyone at Bade Ness Rural is dedicated to helping clients with the right product and the right advice.

Local Ownership, national support

As a member of the national CRT Network – Australia’s largest group of independent rural retailers and one of the country’s leading agribusinesses  – Bade Ness Rural has the right connections and buying power to give farmers a great deal. Rural merchandise, crop protection products, seed, fertiliser, fencing, animal health, water and dairy products, and much more.

Above all Bade Ness Rural is a product of its local environment

Roger Bade and Brad Ness and their team understand the needs of local farmers in Warrnambool and the Great South West of Victoria, and can offer the right advice, products and services to help get the job done properly.
Bade Ness Rural Store Front
Great service, knowledge, expertise and a strong commitment to the community.

Meet The Team

While they stock everything you need from agricultural chemicals to water tanks, and everything in between, at Bade Ness Rural it’s all about the people. Since opening in 2010 the team has grown with the addition of staff who all have strong relationships with clients and suppliers and who have a focus on excellent customer service and valuable products and advice.

Roger Bade - Director - Animal Health and General Merchandise

Roger Bade

Director - Animal Health and General Merchandise

As well a being a partner, Roger Bade is Merchandise Manager at Bade Ness Rural. Roger specialises in animal health, animal management, fencing, water and general merchandise and has over a quarter of a century of experience and knowledge of the rural industry.

Before coming to Warrnambool, Roger Bade spent 11 years selling to primary producers in Hamilton and the surrounding districts. This gave him a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and an understanding that to be helpful to customers requires a relationship built on honesty and trust

Brad Ness - Director - Agronomy

Brad Ness

Director - Agronomy

Agronomist Brad Ness has over 15 years experience working in the rural industry. He specialises in seed fertiliser and agricultural chemicals and is also available for On-Farm Agronomy advice.

After Brad spent 7 years developing his merchandise skills in the Balmoral and Hamilton region, he returned to Warrnambool where he spent further time as Merchandise Manager and Senior Agronomist.

Max Croft - Merchandise Manager

Max Croft

Merchandise Manager

Glenn Pavletich

Merchandise/ Animal Health
Sonja Vandermark - Equine Specialist

Sonja Vandermark

Equine Specialist
Terry Brody - Animal Health

Terry Brody

Animal Health
Paul Smith - Agronomy

Paul Smith

George Serra - Bade Ness Rural Trainee

George Serra

Agronomy Field Services

Bruce Keeley

General Manager
Angela Bade - Bade Ness Rural Administration Team

Angela Bade

Tammy Ness - Bade Ness Rural Administration Team

Tammy Ness


Matt Flemming

Warehouse, Sales & Merchandise
Graeme McFadden - Bade Ness Rural Deliveries

Graeme McFadden


Tom O'Laughlan

Warehouse, Sales and Merchandise