Bade Ness Rural stocks a comprehensive range of  products designed to improve a farm’s output and efficiency.

Bade Ness Rural stocks products from the leading agricultural supply companies.

Animal Health

Bade Ness Rural stocks a diverse portfolio of animal health and animal management products.


You will find all your general merchandise needs at Bade Ness Rural, from gumboots to washing powder, Bade Ness Rural has got you covered.


Insights and advice for a range of crop protection products such as herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators.


Bade Ness Rural stock a wide range of high-quality fencing products, accessories and installation equipment.

Pet and Stock Feed

Bade Ness Rural stocks a large range of food for your animals, whether they are livestock, working animals or just pets, you can find what they need to give maximum performance.

Dairy Hygiene

Bade Ness Rural has a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene products, backed up by on farm assessments and deliveries.


With a range of rural water fittings, pipes, tanks and troughs, Bade Ness Rural has your water collection, storage and usage covered.

Seed and Fertiliser

Stocking a large range seed and fertiliser, together with the right advice, Bade Ness Rural will ensure you get the most out of your pastures.

Animal Health and Management

The team at Bade Ness Rural has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animal health, animal management and handling.

This experience is complemented by a full range of products designed to help those on the land improve the quality and productivity of livestock, working animals and pets. This includes the latest products pertaining to worm control, preventative vaccines, nutritional supplements,  lousicides and fly control treatments.

Bade Ness Rural also stock a full range of animal management products including ID tags, drenching equipment, marking supplies, calf and lamb rearing products and shearing supplies.

So you can get all your animal needs in one convenient location, Bade Ness Rural also stocks, ID readers, weigh scales, cattle handling equipment, customised stock yards, and a comprehensive range of hay, pellet and lick feeders.

General Merchandise

The team at Bade Ness Rural is on hand to assist you with all your General Merchandise requirements.

Stocking almost everything but the kitchen sink, Bade Ness Rural is a one stop shop for those living on the land.

From wet weather gear to laundry detergent, butchery knives to property security and lighting products, Bade Ness Rural is the place to get it from.

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you with what you need.

Dairy Products

All your dairy chemicals and consumables at your finger tips.

Situated in the very heartland of the dairy industry in the Western District of Victoria, ensures that the team at Bade Ness Rural has the knowledge to assist Dairy primary producers with their milk production.

Understanding what it takes to have your dairy achieving optimum results, Bade Ness Rural offers a wide range of products and services to assist.

Pet and Stock Feed

 From pet, hobby farm all the way up to large farming operations, Bade Ness Rural has all your animal feed needs covered.

Drive through and pick up all your pet, hobby, working or production animals feed. Whether its kibble for your family dog or cat, pellets for your poultry, grain mix for the goat or specialised feed for your production animals, the helpful team at Bade Ness Rural will sort you out.

Stocking a large range of feed, milk powder and supplements, Bade Ness Rural can meet your feeding needs.

Agricultural Chemicals

Bade Ness Rural can provide insights and advice for a range of crop protection products.

Insecticides, herbicides, growth promoters and pre-emergents plus on farm service and advice from one of the Bade Ness Rural agronomists.

Bade Ness Rural can provide you with all the chemicals you need to get the most out of your pasture production.


Bade Ness Rural is your one-stop shop for fencing solutions.

If you’re looking for a local and reliable retailer that can help you take care of all of your fencing needs, then look no further than Bade Ness Rural. Stocking a wide range of high-quality fencing products, accessories and installation equipment for multiple applications including feral and exclusion, and electric along with livestock, horse and pet.

Come and see Bade Ness Rural for galvanised wire netting, fencing staples, hinge-joint wire, plain and barbed wire, chain wire, security fence wire, farm gates, steel star posts, fencing tools and accessories

Seed and Fertiliser

Keeping up with the ever-changing varieties in the Seed industry can be challenging.

Bade Ness Rural can provide up to date information on the latest pasture, cereal or summer crop varieties to boost any farm’s productivity including Bade Ness Pasture Mixes, Ryegrass, Clovers, Forage Brassicas.

Fertiliser too has a major impact on farm productivity. Bade Ness Rural staff are trained to provide advice on a large product range that includes bulk solids, soluble solids and specialty liquids as well as a complete range of home garden products, including Pasture Fertiliser, Cropping Fertiliser and Home Garden Fertiliser.

Because Bade Ness Rural are local with global knowledge, they can provide help in choosing what is applicable for the Warrnambool region including advice on the correct seeding rate.

Bade Ness Rural has all of your seed and fertiliser needs covered.

Water Storage and Distribution

Water and efficient use of water is critical to farming in Australia.

Bade Ness Rural offer water solutions, combined with having an excellent understanding of South West Victorian markets and conditions.

Bade Ness Rural stock leading brand of water products and solutions that are fit for purpose. From collection to consumption Bade Ness Rural can provide you with all the materials you will need. 

Great service, knowledge, expertise and a strong commitment to the community.