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Bade Ness Rural offer Agronomy advice to local customers that is based on local conditions and the latest research and technology.

Bade Ness Rural offers Drone Imaging, Ndvi Map, Precision Ag, Prescription Farming, GPS Grid Soil Testing, Pasture Evaluation, Fodder Beet, Maize, Pasture Seed, Agworld Farm Mapping and Management

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food. Agronomy encompasses areas such as crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, soil classification and fertility and weed control.

As conditions change, agronomy helps improve quality and efficient farm production which makes it an important tool for all farmers in the Great South West.

Hobby Farm / Domestic

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Bade Ness Rural offers Turf Seed, Turf Protection
Turf and Garden Fertiliser, Small Acre service and advice.

Animal Health

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Bade Ness Rural offers Drench Resistance testing, Faecal Egg Counts for Cattle, Sheep and Horses. Milk Analysis and Dairy Chemical Installations. Bade Ness Rural can also offer feed solutions for fussy horses and expert advice from an instore Equine Nutritionist.


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Bade Ness Rural offers Delivery and Equipment Hire including Spreaders, Beet Planter and Pipe Layer

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